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Dr. Rahima Afroza


Thanks to all the patients who, in the state of illness, trust me and let me treat and direct them toward my dream and vision of pediatric integrative healthcare. Practicing medicine in this way is my ultimate passion

My Story

Dr. Rahima Afroza came to the United States in 2006 from Bangladesh and had a successful journey in the path of becoming a General Pediatrician. She completed her pediatric residency at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in Amarillo, TX. Being recognized as one of the best residents, she earned the Dean’s Award for the ‘Outstanding Intern’ in 2010-2011.  

During her residency, Dr. Afroza met her Mentor Dr. Ralph Habersang, at TTUHSC, Amarillo, TX. He changed her vision about the role of general pediatrics to establish and protect the foundation of health, prevent chronic health conditions, focus on nutrition and healthy way of living , utilizing natural remedies when applicable and using medication only when they are truly indicated.  Dr. Afroza is determined to become a general pediatrician with all her heart for the special need pediatric population and families.   Dr. Afroza had handled ‘Autism’ in her family.  When all the traditional providers drew the conclusion about how this condition was irreversible and nothing much could be done, she was desperately searching for hope. Working at a renowned integrative pediatric practice in the DFW area for the last 7 years, 

Dr. Afroza has learned a lot about Autism as an  ‘Environmental disorder’ which is linked to genetic susceptibility, food allergies, chronic infections, micromineral deficiencies, toxic exposure, etc. Beside the biomedical approach towards Autism spectrum disorder, She also promotes the Son-Rise Program from the Autism Treatment Center of America, where the motto of dealing with autism is solely parent-oriented and based on love, hope and spiritual connection between children and their parents. They would dare to say ‘autism is curable’. Dr. Afroza believes that adopting the “Son-Rise” method in dealing with autism is the ‘holistic’ approach towards autism.   

Dr. Afroza’s pediatric philosophy perfectly blends in with holistic integrative medicine. We need to understand that our problems are not ‘traditional’ anymore. Disease spectrum, pollution, the quality of food, obesity, allergies, autism, ADHD, autoimmune diseases, neuropsychiatric disorders, etc. have risen to a concerning level. In ‘traditional’ medicine when someone’s problem does not fit a guideline or protocol, we feel stuck and have no answer. Patients who’s symptoms do not fit in a box, We need to think out of the ‘box’. Dr. Afroza is with MAPS (Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs) to keep up with the newest development of research, specialty testing and the most promising treatment protocols for the children under the spectrum. As a pediatrician, treating a patient is finding the root cause and to connect the puzzle pieces on a single foundation. Only a true integrative and holistic approach to medicine, which connects the body, mind and spirit, can give that opportunity. Maybe this is the answer!      

“Children are our future and are the building blocks of our nation. Thanks to all the patients and families , who, in the state of wellness and illness, trusted me and let me treat and direct them toward my dream and vision of pediatric integrative healthcare. Practicing medicine in this way is my ultimate passion”—Dr. Rahima Afroza.   

She is a Board certified pediatrician with 10 years of pediatric primary care experience. Every child is a learning opportunity for her. As a pediatrician, she is at an advantage of raising a child from their birth through childhood to adulthood. Adopting the integrative approach, she can offer children the best possible, healthiest way to grow up.   

Dr. Afroza loves to  cook, travel, Henna, and spend time with her children. She lives in Frisco with her 4 children and her husband who is also a pediatrician.

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